Project coordinator: Marloes van de Goor (founder of IIAE and Earth Travel).


Due to illness and absence of Ms. Van de Goor the offices of Earth Travel and IIAE (Rapenburg 8, Leiden (NL)) are closed since September 2018. As a result the project is suffering delays. Members of the Green Destinations Community are kindly invited to contact Albert Salman


Viami is an initiative of Earth Travel / Green Destinations BV s in cooperation with the International Institute for Animal Ethics (IIAE). It will include a global portal that can help your destination or business to visualize your “green” quality and sustainability to travelers, in the following fields:

  • Water & Air Quality;
  • Nature & Scenery;
  • Culture & Tradition;
  • Environment & Climate;
  • Nature & Animal Protection;
  • Socio-economic;
  • Food;
  • Waste Management;
  • Sustainability Policy.

Simply put: we collect data, we analyze data, and we visualize data in different thematic layers, to help your destination or business to develop sustainably and directly profit from “going green”. By giving your destination or business a different color for every thematic layer, we will show your data in a user-friendly way for different purposes and different audiences.

The benefits of this map for YOU are best worded in unique opportunities:

  • show the world who you are (we are sure you have many untold stories);
  • offer your responsible products ($ for your local economy and business);
  • improve and grow your business (again more $, time to wrap it up);
  • improve your sustainability gradually (growing greener every day).


Do you want to know more to get started with your destination or business? Please download our pilot information below.