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The Top 100 competition selects the 100 best Good Practice Stories from a pool of stories submitted by destinations all around the globe and puts them in the spotlight in the annual Green Destinations Top 100 Stories list. These inspiring, effective and innovative stories from resilient destinations making efforts towards a more sustainable tourism industry can be featured at the Global Green Destinations Days, the Green Destinations Stories Awards, and more thematic events organised by Green Destinations or partner organisations. 

A story is structured by actors, presents a problem, a climax point and a solution. A Good Practice Story is a well-detailed explanation of a sustainability project that the destination has executed / is executing. 

This means that the story should reflect the problem detected, the solution (including all the different actions taken to solve the problem) and the benefits created for the local community and/or the environment, and tourists. Quantitative and qualitative data are other key elements to validate the problem and the solution.

The competition has been running since 2014, with the exception of 2015 (due to exceptional circumstances, the competition did not run that year). Find out about all our previous editions here.

Register your interest in the competition by completing this registration form.

The team will get back to you shortly to confirm your registration and inform you of the next steps of the competition. 

Find out more on the different steps of the competition here 

STEP 1 submission: participants are required to upload evidence of their compliance with the Green Destinations Standard by self-reporting on a selection of criteria. 

STEP 2 submission: participants are required to submit a Good Practice Stories that reflects a sustainability project they have undertaken. 

Find out more here.

An offline submission is sometimes possible, through an excel sheet. Please contact to learn more.

The evidence provided by destinations is evaluated and compliance with the Green Destinations Standard is established based on a five point scale. The evaluations of STEP 1 are organised by Green Destinations and supported by partner organisations. Each submission is evaluated by two independent trained ToP 100 evaluators, and overseen by the Top 100 Committee – composed of Green Destinations auditors. Find out more here.  

Destinations that reach at least 60% compliance for the criteria they are evaluated on (15 for 1sts year participants and 30 for 2nd year participants) are invited to take part in STEP 2.

A destination that does not reach a result of at least 60% for the eligibility check will not be able to participate in STEP 2. In such a case, the participant will receive feedback and guidelines to make progress towards being more sustainable which will greatly improve their chances for their next participation in the Top 100. Green Destinations offers a range of programs to help and support destinations who want to work towards a more sustainable tourism industry.

Good Practice Stories’ are evaluated based on 5 criteria: (1) completeness of document, (2)innovative character of the good practice, (3) effectiveness of the good practice, (4) transferability of the good practice, (5) presence of the sustainability pillars.

Each submission is evaluated by two trained Top 100 evaluators.

Yes, a fee is required to cover the cost of management,  evaluation and training provided. 

Participants will receive alongside their sustainability and Good Practice Stories assessments, access to the Top 100 Training course created by the Green Destinations Training Team, a destination report upon completion of the competition and promotional material.

The selection to the list is entirely based on the results of the STEP 2- Good Practice Story evaluations. 

STEP 1 – Sustainability Check is in place to ensure that the stories submitted come from destinations making efforts and progress towards a more sustainable tourism industry, but do not count for final selection.

Destinations will be notified of their selection at least two weeks prior to the unveiling ceremony that takes place at the Global Green Destinations Days (date of the event to be confirmed). 

Prior to the event, destinations will receive access to a media kit including the Top 100 logo, social media posts templates, press releases, etc. to adequately prepare their promotion material for the official unveiling.


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