Sustainability Management System

The Green Destinations Standard has enabled us to create a support tool for destinations, which involves measuring, monitoring, defining actions improving quality and sustainability, and a reporting tool for:

We offer assessments and recommendations, and an Awards programme, in preparation for certification

We offer Baseline Assessment, interactive evaluation of baseline performance of the GSTC-Recognised Green Destinations Standard

We offer free public reporting, through tour operators and booking websites


The Green Destinations database contains many data of ca. 2000 destinations.
Data are gathered for ca. 100 indicators on destination quality, trends, and policy performance.

The database helps Green Destinations to assess compliance of Member destinations with the criteria of the Standard. This process is informed by a quantitative assessment of indicators, resulting into an overall Green Destinations rating, composed of thematic ratings (1-10 scale) of:

Destination Management

Nature & Scenery

Environment & Climate

Culture & Tradition

Social Well-being

Business & Hospitality

Online Assessment and Reporting system

The combination of the Standard, the database, and the rating system has allowed us to create an online Assessment and Reporting system (fig.), and to prepare informed advice and recommendations to destination managers.

Sustainability mgmt system

Fig. Main elements of the Green Destinations Assessment and Reporting system
(GDAR version 1.8) illustrating the structure of assessment and reporting. Destinations, regions and countries can use GD Standard for interactive assessment and monitoring on all relevant Green Destinations Criteria and indicators.

The assessment and rating system allows us to:

• Underpin recommendations and appropriate Award levels for destinations, to reflect their progress.
• Provide information on the attractiveness and sustainability of destinations to consumers through tourism booking websites, e.g. affiliate BookDifferent (fig.)

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Fig. enables its clients to compare destinations with information from the GD database.
This screenshot shows the example of the Portuguese Lisbon region, where Cascais, Sintra and the Oeste region (from Torres Vedras and S. Cruz up to Peniche and Nazaré) make a true green belt along the sea.