We are constantly surveying the need for new, innovative solutions to help destinations towards sustainability.

Do you know of any good practices of solution providers from your area with an added value for environment, economy, and innovation?

Do you have specific needs for sustainable solutions in your region but did not find what you were looking for on our green solutions platform?

Please send us your ideas, suggestions and comments regarding the need and usefulness of sustainable environmental solutions. Use the set of questions below to guide you to find the right solutions to your sustainability challenges and to determine your need for green solutions:


If the recreational sector or the destination itself needs improvements/solutions/advice in other environmental related problems/topics not included here, please contact us.

If you think that one of the environmental factors or problems is not addressed enough in your local strategy and needs a better assessment, please tell us.

In general, do you think that the recreational business sector needs more solutions to make it more sustainable? We’d like to know.

Are there enough solution providers and advice companies that can offer advice and support in the energy plans of the recreational sector?

Which renewable energy sources, that the region or the recreational sector would like to introduce, do not have enough solutions yet?

Do the related existing tourist buildings and facilities (hotels, restaurants, attraction parks, recreational parks, complex of vacation houses, etc):

  • Currently apply or need smart e-solutions to monitor their energy use?
  • Need solutions and solution providers that can decrease their energy use and make them more energy efficient?
  • Need energy efficiency assessments of their buildings or activities?
  • Need plans that can help them increase their energy efficiency, decrease energy use, or find alternative energy sources that can make them more energy efficient/self-sustainable or energy neutral? Energy self-sufficiency contributes to the implementation of the regional energy policies which are a part of future strategy visions.
  • Need a larger offering of wind energy /solar panels providers that can offer diverse solutions?
  • Need a better assessment or would like to look into other alternative/renewable energy sources (for example biogas from kitchen waste, wastewater slab, manure, agricultural waste and green wastes, soil heat, tidal energy, etc)?
  • Need a better assessment of the biomass sources for production of green energy/green gas?

The same questions apply for future planned buildings or recreational facilities.

Do the tourist businesses and/or related facilities (hotels, restaurants, attraction parks, recreational parks, complex of vacation houses, yacht harbors, beaches, swimming places):

  • Need better solutions to increase their recycling rate? Are there any waste streams that need special attention/solutions to their recycling and collection, recovery, reuse?
  • Need a better education/communication/awareness on waste recycling and waste separation?
  • Need an assessment in how they can optimize recycling?

In particular, do the beaches need better waste selection and collection facilities?

Do the related existing tourist buildings and facilities (hotels, restaurants, attraction parks, recreational parks, complex of vacation houses, bungalows, campings etc):

  • Need water saving, water reuse and recovery solutions?
  • Need or have plans for decentralized, sustainable solutions for wastewater collection and treatment?
  • Need solutions in harvesting/capturing/reusing the rainwater?
  • Need solutions for a better decentralized treatment of their wastewater streams?
  • Need other kinds of solution to their specific water related issues?
  • Need smart solutions to monitor their water use?
  • Are there any problems with the swimming water/open waters?
  • Were there any algae blooms in the open waters in the last years? What are the causes? Does the region need solutions to this problem?

(The questions above apply also for planned recreational facilities or facilities under construction)

Do buildings in possession of or related to the recreational sector greening their interior, exterior facades or the roof tops?

Do attraction parks, complexes of vacation houses, bungalows, campings need to become more green? Do they need action planning and solutions in this regard?


Are there smart solutions applied by the industry and government in order to monitor the energy use?

Do the government, businesses, services and industry need energy plans and solutions that can help them meet the destination’s energy targets?

Does the region need a better assessment on renewable sources? For example – Does the destination need a better assessment of the biomass sources (agriculture wastes, wastewater slab, manure from farms) for production of green energy?

Is the education on waste recycling and waste separation in schools, governmental organizations and businesses sufficient? Is there a need for this solution in order to reach the recycling regional/national target?

Are there waste streams in the destination that deserve better attention?

Are there any waste-management action plans needed at the destination-level or business-level in order to help speed up the process of meeting the local and national targets on recycling?

Are there any specific facilities/solutions required to help the destination to meet the recycling target?

Does the destination need solutions for capturing the rainwater or separating it from the rest of the water streams?

Does the region need other drinking water sources to help reduce the water stress in dry periods?

Do the channels of wastewater streams (from industry or other sources) represent a threat to swimming waters?

Do the municipalities, other services, buildings or industrial  facilities need smart e-solutions to monitor their water use?

Does the destination/city/tourist areas need additional plans for making the mobility more sustainable and improve accessibility within the region, or connectivity with other regions.

Is there a need for solutions targeted at reducing the air pollution caused by roads, traffic and industries?

Does the destination need climate adaptation solutions?


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