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Our training courses are designed to provide flexibility in the way participants pace their training, and to be easily adaptable to the current needs, trends, and conditions of the tourism sector. Courses are aimed at DMOs, destination management leaders, practitioners, and key tourism stakeholders.

We envision the Program to be holistic, inclusive, and adaptive to the needs and realities on the ground and also cater to the different levels of experience and expertise of the participants. As such, we are taking a regional and thematic approach to the program so that the courses are updated to the global trends but are also well-suited to the local conditions.

Currently, we are developing four courses for the initial roll-out of the training program:

Introductory Courses

  • Introduction to Sustainability and Green Destinations
  • The Sustainable Top 100 Competition

Advanced Courses

  • Reset and Recovery for Destinations
  • Destination Marketing in Times of Covid-19

Our training team has been working since 2020 to develop the new training courses, which are available on our Green Destinations Training Platform:

Participating trainees and the destinations they assess as part of their on-the-job training mutually benefit from this opportunity: destinations receive free support to their self-assessment process; while trainees enjoy a practical and real-life learning environment.

Destinations, having completed the pilot assessment successfully, will have a consolidated assessment of their sustainability level ready for recognition by one of our award programmes.

Candidate auditors, having completed the auditor training successfully, will become part of the auditor pool and eligible to conduct destination audits in the future by one of our partner award & certification programmes.


Any questions about how to join our programs? Our team will be happy to assist you.