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Green Destinations consists of a global partnership of professionals trained and committed to encourage and assist destinations in becoming more sustainable, supported by our range of assessment and management tools. Sounds interesting? Join the partnership by doing the Advisor & Auditor Training! Our training programme is in continuous development but currently consists of the following steps:

  • Distant personal introduction and instruction in using the online platform
  • On-the-job assessment of a (mutually agreed) destination with remote support from GD secretariat
  • Reporting of assessment results and formulation of recommendations
  • Shadowed desk audit of an assessed destination

Trainees are supported with detailed guidelines on how to assess compliance. An examination and accreditation system is in development, which will enable participants to become an officially accredited Green Destinations auditor-advisor.

More information on the programme for 2018 will follow soon.


The training language will be English but the standard is translated into other languages.
An online translation module allows for easy translation in additional languages

Participants should expect to dedicate 50 to 60 hours, including the coaching of their ‘own’ destination and desk-auditing the ‘new’ destination

In 2017, participation during this initial phase is free of charge for trainee auditors-advisers; participating destinations pay only a starter membership fee for use of the online platform. In case the destination wishes to monetarise an audited Award level and enjoy the promotional benefits (webpage, flag, ceremony etc.), the regular Awards & Certification membership fees apply


Participating trainees and the destinations they assess as part of their on-the-job training mutually benefit from this opportunity: destinations receive free support to their self-assessment process; while trainees enjoy a practical and real-life learning environment.

Destinations, having completed the pilot assessment successfully, will have a consolidated assessment of their sustainability level ready for recognition by one of our award programmes.

Candidate auditors, having completed the auditor training successfully, will become part of the auditor pool and eligible to conduct destination audits in the future by one of our partner award & certification programmes.


Any questions about how to join our programs? Our team will be happy to assist you.