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2022 Green Destinations Top 100 Stories Competition

For the 8th year, Green Destinations appeals to local and regional destinations committed to sustainability to participate in the Top 100 stories competition. More destinations throughout the world are recognizing the significance of progressing toward a more sustainable tourism industry, and sustainable tourism practices are becoming more prevalent.

Therefore, Green Destinations challenges every year destinations willing to progress towards a sustainable tourism practice, encouraging them to share their innovative and effective Good Practice Stories, serving as a role model and inspiration for other destinations, tour operators and travellers! 

Now is the time to get together, learn from each other and celebrate these resilient destinations.

2021 Edition Top 100 List

The list of Sustainable Top 100 Destinations of 2021 are unveiled on the 5th of October 2021 in the Global Green Destinations Days 2021 event.


About the Top 100 Destinations Sustainability Stories Competition?
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