The Hydrowashr is an all-in-one device that washes, rinses and dries hands within 20 seconds, using a minimal amount of water. A unique patented micro droplets spray technology, with high speed air flow, forms the basis of this device, resulting in a minimal water use. During washing, the air flow blows off most of the 

Van Remmen UV Technology

Van Remmen UV Technology is supplier of Europe’s most sustainable UV-C disinfection systems. An unique approach and a big passion for our profession is the strength of our company. We think beyond standards and offer solutions. We test and validate our UV equipment with microorganism, to be sure that our systems do what they have to 

Afmitech Friesland

Afmitech Friesland Afmitech Friesland BV ontwerpt, levert en onderhoud decentrale afvalwaterzuiveringen voor ondernemers, overheid en particulieren. De biologische zuiveringen kenmerken zich door een compact ontwerp, hoge zuiveringsrendementen en betrouwbare werking. De zuiveringen werken zonder toevoeging van chemicaliën en het gezuiverde water voldoet aan de Nederlandse lozingsvoorwaarden. Onze producten zijn gecertificeerd volgens de EN 12566-3 en 

Rietland BVBA – Wastewater Treatment

Constructed wetlands (reedbeds) are very efficient, robust and ‘green’ wastewater treatment systems with very low operation and maintenance costs (only once per year) and very low energy demand. The wastewater of Novotel Antwerp is treated with a combination of 3 technologies: the Forced Bed Aeration (FBA®) technology, distribution of the pre-treated wastewater over a vertical 

GEP Regenwater

GEP, Specialist in Decentraal Watermanagement De afgelopen 15 jaar heeft GEP Regenwater zich ontwikkeld tot een vooraanstaande leverancier van regenwatersystemen. Onze ontwerpen en produkten bieden totaal oplossingen voor milieuverantwoord decentraal watermanagement. Met 3 vestigingen in Belgie, Duitsland en Nederland hebben we de optimale mix gevonden van kennis overdracht, produkt- en markt optimalisatie. Missie van GEP 

Air to water – Rainmaker

The Rainmaker Air to Water technology produces clean drinking water by harvesting water from air with only the use of renewable technology. The system is a decentralized self-sustainable solution suitable for islands, dry areas, remoted areas, or places with no connection to infrastructure. By placing the Air to Water systems in dry areas with limited 

Upfall Shower

The Upfall Shower, being produced by Beterbad, is the most efficient shower existent on the market as declared by hotel owners themselves. World’s most sustainable shower is a Dutch invention of Rene Betgem that can be also used in recreation parks, households and cruise ships. About half of the daily water usage is for showering. 

Terme Snovik Sustainable Spa

Terme Snovik is located 30 km from Ljubljana and is surrounded with forests and mountains. Green forests and pastures scattered along the narrow valley, leads the visitor to the place where several years ago healing water springs were discovered, used nowadays in the indoor and outdoor pools, for bathing and drinking or wellness services. The