Green accommodation?

Do you know that you can easily select green accommodation for your travels?  Now you can with our partner! is a Social Enterprise, founded in 2012 in The Netherlands. Their main goal is to help people choose a better way to travel. That means, also, booking accommodations that take care of the environment, the 

Trnulja organic tourist farm

Trnulja is the revival of Trnulja Country Estate into an organic tourist farm. The building of the farm followed the model of the 19th century Tomaževa hiša (Tomaž House), the oldest house in the village of Črna vas (close to Ljubljana) and a cultural monument of national significance. Trnulja country estate offers a 100% sustainable 

De Dakakker

The Dakakker is the biggest Rooftopfarm in Europe. The Dakakker was installed by Binder Daktuinen on the top of Schieblock, a revitalized office building in the centre of Rotterdam. The Dakakker is part of ‘De Luchtsingel’ initiative, developed by ZUS architects in collaboration with ‘Rotterdams Milieucentrum’, the environmental centre and municipality of Rotterdam. Organic fruits, 

Air to water – Rainmaker

The Rainmaker Air to Water technology produces clean drinking water by harvesting water from air with only the use of renewable technology. The system is a decentralized self-sustainable solution suitable for islands, dry areas, remoted areas, or places with no connection to infrastructure. By placing the Air to Water systems in dry areas with limited 


Keramisch filter ThermoShield is een hightech keramisch filter. Het filter heeft een substantiële , positieve invloed op de temperatuur, vochthuishouding, lichtbeleving en akoestiek. Het keramisch filter is ultra dun, extreem sterk en elastisch en is zowel binnen als buiten toe te passen. Het is een Greenguard gecertificeerd milieuvriendelijk systeem met een zeer lange levensduur (20