Upfall Shower


The Upfall Shower, being produced by Beterbad, is the most efficient shower existent on the market as declared by hotel owners themselves. World’s most sustainable shower is a Dutch invention of Rene Betgem that can be also used in recreation parks, households and cruise ships.

About half of the daily water usage is for showering. The Upfall Shower offers a wellness shower that saves up to 90% on water and energy costs. Showering with the Upfall Shower takes only 1,5 liter of water per minute instead of the regular 10-15 liters. That is made possible through the Upcycle water system of the shower. The system introduces only 1,5 liters new water in the system. The rest of the water is recirculated and treated with UV disinfection and a microfilter. The water is therefore refreshed and cleaned. Due to the recirculation of the water in the system of the Upfall shower, there is no need for energy to heat the water. Several hundreds of euros can be saved as besides the costs of water, the costs for heating the water are very high.

Project Details

  • Project Name : The Upfall Shower, the most efficient shower
  • Date : 2017-04-09
  • Category : energy, water, waste, 2016-top-10
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