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Taste Ljubljana is the local brand for food and drinks dedicated to presenting Ljubljana’s most popular traditional dishes, using modern cooking methods and making them available in the city restaurants. Ljubljana boasts a number of special dishes, typical of different periods in its history. Today, these dishes serve as the point of departure for the so called ‘Dishes of Ljubljana Special Selection’, traditional dishes adapted to suit modern eating habits. The city’s surrounding villages, meadows, and woods were one source. The diversity of typical Ljubljana food and drinks and their flavours can be explored at the city’s numerous modern restaurants, traditional gostilnas, cafés, and street food outlets, as well as at the Ljubljana Central Market of the architect Jože Plečnik.

Traditional Ljubljana dishes were not a regular feature on the menus of the local restaurants and some of them were completely unknown. In 2014 Ljubljana Tourism created the Taste Ljubljana brand and a culinary strategy in collaboration with Slovenian ethnologist Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj. The main goal was to answer to the question of tourists on “Where can we eat good local food? What is typical local food?” More than 30 of the city’s restaurants are now offering local food under the Taste Ljubljana brand, promoting Ljubljana as the culinary capital of Slovenia.

A book written by Prof. Dr. Janez Bogataj, Sitting at the Everyday and Festive Table with People in Ljubljana was produced, with recipes, stories related to individual dishes, and a list of restaurants offering Taste Ljubljana-branded dishes, providing a historical overview of the city’s culinary offerings. Alongside the book, a Taste Ljubljana guide is available on www.visitljubljana.com.

Project Details

  • Project Name : Taste Ljubljana – Ljubljana Tourism
  • Date : 2017-04-09
  • Category : mobility, 2016-top-10
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