The Hydrowashr is an all-in-one device that washes, rinses and dries hands within 20 seconds, using a minimal amount of water. A unique patented micro droplets spray technology, with high speed air flow, forms the basis of this device, resulting in a minimal water use. During washing, the air flow blows off most of the water from hands. After washing, the hands are completely dried by the same airflow. Only 10 ml water per hand wash is used comparing to a regular 1 litre, reducing therefore the use of water by at least 95%.

Visualisation of the new generation of Hydrowashr

The Hydrowashr is highly efficient, saving time, energy and water well beyond traditional hand washing and drying, offering accommodations and restaurants the most efficient solution on the market. No disposables need to be stored; Hydrowashr does not use any soap or towels. The Hydrowashr reduces littering and keeps the area hygienic, clean, dry and tidy, which creates a hospitable experience.

Project Details

  • Project Name : Hydrowashr - All-in-one handwashing solution
  • Date : 2017-04-09
  • Category : energy, water, waste, 2016-top-10
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