Air to water – Rainmaker


The Rainmaker Air to Water technology produces clean drinking water by harvesting water from air with only the use of renewable technology. The system is a decentralized self-sustainable solution suitable for islands, dry areas, remoted areas, or places with no connection to infrastructure. By placing the Air to Water systems in dry areas with limited infrastructure, these areas become viable tourism locations due to the fresh drinking water the systems would provide. Currently there are functioning Air to Water systems in the Netherlands and Kuwait.

The Air to Water system guides air through a heat exchange, air is cooled and condensation takes place. When the temperature falls below its dew-point, water droplets are formed and collected in a water storage. A Rainmaker Air to Water system can produce up to 14,500 litres of fresh water per day. The unit runs completely on renewable energy, being powered only by wind, solar or wind and solar for a higher production.

Rainmaker has also won the “Enlightenmentz 2012” award regarding renewables for best product.

Project Details

  • Project Name : Air to water – Rainmaker Worldwide Inc.
  • Date : 2017-04-09
  • Category : energy, water, greening, 2016-top-10
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