Partnership Agreement – Aelia and Green Destinations


Green Destinations has signed a non-exclusive licence agreement allowing Mr. Vasilis Zisimopoulos of AELIA – Sustainable Engineering to operate the Green Destinations Certification and QualityCoast Awards program in the coastal towns of Crete.

AELIA – Sustainable Engineering is a Technical Office located in Crete. Our main philosophy is that by applying the principles of systemic theory in finding the causes and in analysis of individual components and factors, we are seeking the best solution in any project. Based on the systemic theory – science, which sees humans, the environment and the economy as subsystems of a single, much wider total, which are constantly interacting and influencing each other, AELIA – Sustainable Engineering is offering holistic, focused and innovative solutions committed that:

  • We protect the environment.
  • We develop economically viable solutions.
  • We defend and promote the public interest.
  • We highlight and promote the cultural heritage of each area.
  • We provide innovative and pioneering high-value services.
  • We are always exploring new areas of application and services to meet the needs of our customers.
  • We create appropriate conditions – prospects for a better tomorrow.