Students Welcome!

Advanced bachelor (3rd and 4th year) and Masters students can apply for an internship or traineeship in the field of tourism destination sustainability.

There is no deadline for applications. Internships can start any time of the year.
The minimum requirement of an internship is three months (excluding thesis writing).

  • We value your development both on a personal and professional level;
  • You will be part of our team (you won’t see the copy and coffee machine more than we do);
  • Your work at Green Destinations at the time of your internship will be on a voluntary basis;
  • Travel for work will be reimbursed; commuting costs may be reimbursed up €100 per month upon request.;
  • Accommodation is not provided (Leiden, The Hague, Leiderdorp, Voorschoten and Oegstgeest are all convenient places to stay; Amsterdam is expensive);
  • We are looking forward to working with you!

Placements are possible in any of the following fields, or combinations thereof:


  • Help identify and analyse good practice experience and “green solutions” that can help destinations to improve sustainability.
  • Make selected good practices and green solutions available to destination managers and experts by follow-up research and integrating good practices in the Guidance or Training modules of the Green Destinations Platform.
  • Support specific Green Destinations Country Representatives and or Auditors in their work, e.g. by collecting evidence of sustainability compliance at country level, e.g. based upon legislation.


Support the GD Award & Certification Program

  • Check Award & Certification applications on completeness and accuracy (technical check)
  • Help evaluate GSTC-Accredited level auditor assessments (become trained as GD Auditor)
  • Support daily operation, coordination of the program (keep track of membership terms and dues)
  • Communication with program members about their application (deadlines, questions, coaching).


  • Support the identification of the green travel offer (sustainable businesses, products, responsible services, tourism and leisure activities) within selected countries and destinations.
  • Help visualize and present the green travel offer to tour operators, travel agents and consumers, through the Green Travel Guide.
  • Collaborate with partner consumer platforms to promote the green travel offer.


Support the organization of a Green Destinations Event:

  • Green Destinations Top 100 Awards at ITB Berlin, March (annually).
  • Green Destinations – QualityCoast Awards in the Netherlands, April-May (annually)
  • Global Green Destinations Days (GGDD), Sep-Oct (annually)
  • Ad-hoc GD training workshops and field visits.

The leading event organizing trainee is usually supported in attending the event that s/he has helped prepare.


  • Handling of GD main contact email account
  • Organising/coordinating team workflow and team meetings (Trello)
  • Maintenance and development of GD and Top100 websites (WordPress)
  • Social Media post writing & dissemination
  • Newsletter mailings and contact management (Mailchimp).

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

UPDATE! – In addition to any volunteer and guest staff positions, we offer three internship positions any period of the year.

We welcome applications for internships starting around the end of May 2020.

Past Interns Testimonials