Travelling responsibly?

Travelling responsibly is not easy. Many travel companies and destinations advertise themselves as “sustainable”, while not really changing their practices. Tourism grows faster than ever before and we know what that means for cities like Venice, Barcelona, Amsterdam and more… So why not try and improve our travel bevaviour to make tourism a force for good!

Why this Guide?

By developing this Guide we hope to make our small contribution to solve the climate crisis, the plastic problem and overtourism disrupting local communities. We have started to creating a catalogue of verified sustainable locations and businesses, recognized by independent organisations. This way we hope to present you with ways to travel for a positive impact.

The Good Travel Guide Team developed a first country page of The Netherlands and a first destination page of Schouwen-Duiveland (NL) to give a first impression of Good Travel Guide content.

Join our guide!

Tourism will only be sustainable if all destinations and travel businesses qualify for this guide. Are you a representative of a sustainable destination or a responsible business? We can help you improving and help you to qualify for inclusion in our guide. Contact us now!