Welcome to the Green Travel Guide!

This guide is the perfect place to start planning a new kind of journey: A journey to the uncharted lands of responsible and sustainable tourism which we call Green Travel. Are you a green traveler, committed to travel in ways that will not devastate the planet further? A traveler who does not disrupt local communities and economies? Let’s explore the possibilities of such a journey together. The best place to begin is of course with countries and destinations that have been independently recognized for their efforts in sustainability!

Why a Green Travel Guide?

Many travelers are becoming increasingly aware of their impacts on the climate crisis, biodiversity extinction and the plastic problem. The travel industry, as well as some cities, wants to take advantage of this: many businesses and tourist destinations advertise their “sustainability”, while not changing their practices to be more responsible and less disruptive to local communities and the environment. It can be difficult to find out which places offer real sustainable travel and experiences. That is what this guide offers: A clear and independent catalogue of verified sustainable locations and businesses, recognized by non-commercial organisations such as Green Destinations. In this guide, we present these places so that you can go on holiday without any feeling of guilt, and without disturbing local and global environments.

The Green Travel Guide Team developed a first country page of The Netherlands and a first destination page of Schouwen-Duiveland (NL) to give a first impression of Green Travel Guide content.

Join our guide!

Are you a representative for a sustainable destination, a responsible business, or a non-profit for green tourism? You are very welcome to contact us! We will need some information on sustainability practices and responsibility of your travel offer.