Greening Your City & Buildings

Based on your data and clarified objectives, this toolkit will guide you through the most appropriate sustainable design options and measures for your infrastructures and buildings in your destination.

Why use this tool?

You want to increase the resilience of your city towards extreme events related to climate emergency, such as heatwaves, droughts and floods, through the construction of green infrastructures. You will be supported on how to best plan, design and maintain these in a sustainable way to improve the quality of life in your city, create a more attractive environment and enhance the tourist experience.

How does it work?

This tool is carried out through an analysis of your area taking all the following factors into account:

  • physical characteristics;
  • social fabric;
  • available resources;
  • preferences on different criteria (multifunctionality and budget)  

What are the outcomes of it?

This toolkit will provide you with a list of proposals, mainly including a general overview of design measures for your destination, together with tailor-made initial project plans and ideas of urban greenery that best fit into the unique characteristics, needs, and vision of your city. Other propositions can be delivered with respect to: 

  • An analysis of physical landscape characteristics, and preferences of the client
  • A portfolio of best practices that serve as inspirational sources
  • An overview of the effectiveness of the options and measures
  • How to best manage and maintain the building.

For whom is this tool developed?

This toolkit is developed for urban destinations/city councils, destination management organizations, and tourism businesses that would like to enhance their planning and design of new green infrastructures and buildings, in combination with improving their management.


Interested DMOs and tourism practitioners are invited to contact our team by email through