G8. Start Planning for Transformation and Regeneration

Start Planning for Transformation and Regeneration

Destination Support Group

January/February 2023 (TBC)

About the programme

Preparing the destination for the challenges of the future requires more than just following the sustainability Standards and practises, it requires a regenerative approach where tourism contributes to create a positive impact on the environment and empower the local communities at the destination. 

The Start Planning for Transformation and Regeneration Support group will introduce and encourage destination leaders to adapt & implement regenerative tourism practises. In this Support group, our goal is to question the status quo. To go beyond what you comprehend as sustainability, create deep connections between people, communities and nature, and help you understand why the systemic approach is essential to assemble flourishing communities. We want you to be aware of how regeneration can help you and your community evolve, and help you find nature-based solutions to the most pressing global challenges. The Session will support destination leaders to identify regenerative solutions and how to contribute to the well-being of the destination.

By the end of this  Working Group, destination leaders will achieve:

  • Better understanding of Destination Regeneration and Transformational Travel
  • Ability to develop a destination Strategy beyond Sustainability
  • Ability to build a Strategy and take first steps towards transformational travel 
  • Inspiration by ongoing regeneration and transformation experience

How to prepare

T1. Sustainable Tourism Destination Management and G2. SDGs and Global Standards for Planning will provide excellent preparation for this Group.

Programme duration

The Start Planning for Transformation and Regeneration group meetings will run in January/February 2023 (dates to be decided) and will cover about 4 weeks of discussions, peer-to-peer learning and feedback sessions on regenerative & transformational tourism. This includes the live sessions, pre-recorded lectures, independent readings, and small group interactive sessions.

NOTE: Further information on the calendar of activities for this Working Group will be available soon. 

Programme prices

a register one month before the beginning of the module to avail

b See the list of countries here

c Also applicable for GD Members

What to do next?

We would recommend continuing with G8. Start Planning for Transformation and Regeneration to Support destinations with Regenerative and Transformational tourism practises.

Programme leaders

Invited speakers

Maria Luiza Mayorga

START Marketing Coordinator


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