G6. GD and GSTC Destination Assessment

GD and GSTC Destination Assessment
How to prepare for Certification with Global Standards

Destination Support Group

7 November – 2 December 2022

Considering GSTC Destination Assessment? Green Destinations Awards & Certification? Not sure whether you will qualify for certification? This Destination Support group is the affordable opportunity to assess yourself on the entire GSTC or Green Destinations Standard.

About the programme

This Support Group will help destination managers understand the basics and the benefits of destination assessment based on GSTC and Green Destination’s sustainability standards. Destination managers will develop their skills in recognising their strengths and weaknesses and – when they are interested – in preparing for an award and certification.

Also, this Group is the interactive version of the official training course on the Green Destinations Standard (GD-T4) which is an essential element of your GD or QualityCoast award & certification procedure.

By actively participating in the group, participants are expected to achieve:

  • Better understanding of the the Green Destinations Standard in relation to GSTC Destination Standard
  • Understanding the criteria of the Standards
  • Identifying practical ways to do a destination assessment: benefits of onsite, remote and interactive options
  • Understanding the destination certification cycle
  • Working on the GD online platform to create your destination sustainability dossier
  • Benefits of involving your hospitality sector
  • Benefits of involving your hospitality sector
  • Benefits of monitoring key performance indicator
  • All participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

How to prepare

T1. Sustainable Tourism Destination Management and G3 Destination Assessment with KPIs and Big Data to provide excellent preparation for a certification procedure.

Programme duration

The GD and GSTC Destination Assessment Support Group meetings will run from 7 November – 2 December 2022 and will cover about 20 hours of instruction, practical support and feedback to prepare destinations for Green destination’s Certification program and GSTC’s sustainability standards. This includes the live sessions, independent readings, and small group interactive sessions.

Programme prices

a Register before 10 October 2022 to avail

b See the list of countries here

c Also applicable for GD Members

What to do next?

Destinations can apply for Green Destination’s assessment & certification. There are different options to continue working on the GD Platform to apply for GSTC or Green Destinations Certification or a GD or QualityCoast Award. Also, module G7 will provide you with support in engaging your hospitality sector, which is an essential element of a certification ambition.

Programme Leaders

Albert Salman

President and Co-Founder, Green Destinations


Patricia Marull

GD Training Coordinator


Pre-enrolment is now open!

The pre-enrolment procedure applies to all aspiring participants of the Destination Support Programme. It serves as the basis of the minimum number of participants for training courses and support programmes to push through. By registering, you are committing to participate in, and purchase one or more of the programme‘s modules when the payment period begins.

When the minimum number of participants is met, a confirmation email and payment details will be sent with further instructions.