G5. Climate Adaptation Planning

Climate Adaptation Planning
How to make your Destination More Resilient

Destination Support Group

10 October – 4 November 2022

Climate Adaptation Planning has become an essential element of any destination’s strategy considering the vulnerability of Tourism sector to climate change risks. Climate adaptation planning supports destinations to be prepared for the unprecedented challenges and risks climate change might introduce to the destinations.

About the programme

The climate adaptation planning group session will support destination leaders with the tools and close guidance required for climate risk assessment and developing strategies for climate risk adaptation. It will also facilitate discussions on how green infrastructures and green buildings can be beneficial and  how destination leaders can include them in their climate adaptation planning. 

By actively participating in the group, participants are expected to:

  • Measure the Climate Impact Risk with the help if risk projection tools of the START Toolkit (C3) 
  • Conduct destination’s vulnerability and risk assessment and work on the feedback
  • Understood the importance of creating new green infrastructures and green buildings.
  • Developed a suitable destination’s climate adaptation strategy.

How to prepare

The  G5. Climate Adaptation Planning  will serve as an excellent support with the training Course T3 Reset & Recovery of Destinations to achieve better understanding of the topics covered during the modules and finding practical solutions with peer-to-peer discussions during the G5 workshop. We would recommend participating in the G5 group workshops while  to T3.

Programme duration

The G5. Climate Adaptation Planning  will run from 10 October – 4 November 2022and will be conducted for about 4 weeks. This includes live sessions, independent readings, and small group interactive sessions supporting peer-to-peer learning. 

Programme prices

a Register before 12 Septembre 2022 to avail

b See the list of countries here

c Also applicable for GD Members

What to do next?

You may consider continuing with G7 (Destination Assessment).

Course Leaders

Albert Salman

President and Co-Founder, Green Destinations


Claudia Espejo Valle Inclan 

START Climate specialist (GD Toolkit Team).


Pre-enrolment is now open!

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