G10. Marketing and Promoting Destination Sustainability

Marketing and Promoting Destination Sustainability

Destination Support Group

March 2023 (TBD)

About the programme

A large majority of travellers indicate their interest in sustainable travel offers and at the same time say there are very few options offered from the travel industry. However, from a destination or tour operator point of view, it is questionable whether “sustainability” can become a unique selling point or if it is just expected by the traveller. Talking about marketing and distribution the question is how sustainability can support your brand or vice versa and how to communicate sustainability as an attitude of your destination and how to prevent greenwashing. Experts in tourism and travel marketing will support you in finding out how you can make it work.

By actively participating in the group, participants are expected to:

  • Get insights from the principles of communicating a (destination) brand
  • Identify good practises of promoting responsible and sustainable products and services to travellers (B2C marketing, PR, social media) and tour operators (B2B workshops and travel trade shows)
  • Evaluate case examples at ITB Berlin, March 2023.
  • Evaluate your destination’s promotional strategy among peers.

How to prepare

This is an advanced Support Group for the destination marketing unit. It is strongly recommended to first follow training course T1. Sustainable Tourism Destination Management. 

Programme duration

The Marketing & Promoting Destination Sustainability group meetings will run in March 2023 (dates to be decided) and will cover about 4 weeks of discussions and peer-to-peer learning to develop interesting marketing solutions to offer sustainability products & services with examples from ITB Berlin, March 2023.  This includes the live sessions, independent readings, and small group interactive sessions. 

NOTE: Further information on the calendar of activities for this Working Group will be available soon. 

Programme prices

a register one month before the beginning of the module to avail

b See the list of countries here

c Also applicable for GD Members

What to do next?

It is suggested to continue with an application to the next edition of the Top 100 Stories Awards and with the Top 100 support group of the Global Leaders program which is expected to start in April 2023.

Programme leaders

Holger Sigmund

Tourism & Hospitality Expert and Entrepreneur


Maria Luiza Mayorga

START Marketing Coordinator


Pre-enrolment is now open!

The pre-enrolment procedure applies to all aspiring participants of the Destination Support Programme. It serves as the basis of the minimum number of participants for training courses and support programmes to push through. By registering, you are committing to participate in, and purchase one or more of the programme‘s modules when the payment period begins.

When the minimum number of participants is met, a confirmation email and payment details will be sent with further instructions.