G1. Top 100 Application Support

Top 100 Application Support - Assessing sustainability in destinations and writing compelling good practice stories

Destination Support Group

11 April – 27 June 2022

This support group is aimed at delivering a strong application to the Top 100 Stories competition: both in creating a comprehensive destination self-assessment and writing compelling Good Practice Stories. The workshops are essential for all destination managers, whether your destination participates in the Top 100 competition or not. The program includes access to the Green Destinations Top 100 Training Course (T2) and extra live workshops in small groups.

About the programme

Becoming part of the Support Group gives you access to the Top 100 Training and small working groups that gives you more insights into topics concerning destination assessment and storytelling. Specifically, the training delves into two vital competencies to help participants throughout the Top 100 Competition as well as the overall sustainability journey of a destination:

  • Establishing in-depth knowledge on complying with the Core Criteria of the Green Destinations Standard; and 
  • Developing skills in storytelling and copywriting to help participants write their best good practice stories.

By the end of the course, participants are expected to:

  • Create a destination sustainability assessment with the 30 core criteria of the GSTC-Recognised Green Destinations Standard.
  • Identify the best stories to promote your destination sustainability.
  • Develop a compelling good practice story that can be used for the Top 100 competition and marketing your destination. 

All participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

NOTE: Participation to the Top 100 Competition is not included in the registration fee. Information on the competition can be found here.

How to prepare

GD’s Training Course T1 (offered online) would be a perfect preparation.

Programme duration

The Top 100 Application Support Group meetings will run from 4 April – 1 July 2022 and will cover about 30 hours of instruction, practical support and feedback on your sustainability reporting and storytelling. This includes the live sessions, pre-recorded lectures, independent readings, and small group interactive sessions. The schedule* is as follows:

Programme prices

* Register before 15 March 2022 to avail

* See the list of countries here

* Also applicable for GD Members

What to do next?

Support groups G2 and G3 and Training T1 would be an excellent follow-up, especially when you consider applying for GSTC or Green Destinations Certification or a GD or QualityCoast Award (G6).

Course Leaders

Invited speakers

Patice Talaue
GD Training Coordinator

Louise de Hemmer
Top 100 Program Coordinator

Florian Kaefer

Founder and Editor, Sustainability Leaders and  The Place Brand Observer


Jonathan Tourtellot

CEO, Destination Stewardship Center and Founder, National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations


Pre-enrolment is now open!

The pre-enrolment procedure applies to all aspiring participants of the Destination Support Programme. It serves as the basis of the minimum number of participants for training courses and support programmes to push through. By registering, you are committing to participate in, and purchase one or more of the programme‘s modules when the payment period begins.

When the minimum number of participants is met, a confirmation email and payment details will be sent with further instructions.