Green Destinations – Healthy Destinations
The Healing Force of Landscapes

International online seminar
29 April 2021 – 2PM CEST

At the occasion of Healing Landscape Day of the Dutch Landscape Triennale 2021, 29 April 2021, the international seminar “Green Destinations – Healthy Destinations – the healing force of landscapes” was organized, highlighting examples of ‘healing landscapes’ in Europe.

The corona crisis presents profound consequences to healthcare as well as to leisure & tourism, both in the short and long term. Health and green quality are increasingly important in the choices we make. More and more regions wish to distinguish themselves as “healthy” and as “healing landscapes” with the pillars: health, care, nature and landscape and quality tourism.

Several regions in Europe and elsewhere in the world profile or distinguish themselves with a mix of attractive and impressive landscapes, spas and other places of relaxation. They are so-called “therapeutic landscapes”. ‘GesundLand Vulkaneifel’ in Germany is a good example of a therapeutic landscape. The relationship between landscape, nature and health is central to the tourist promotion of the Vulkaneifel.
Also in the UK, France, Sweden and other countries, a lot of knowledge and experience exists on the healing effect of landscapes, also in an urban setting. The London National Park City is a case in point.

Through this seminar, we aimed to define the “green & healthy landscapes”, get a better picture, learn from practice, and connect “green & healthy landscapes” in a practical European learning network of “Green & Healthy Regions”, related to nature, health, and tourism.

From an international perspective, we took a specific look into the potential of the Van Gogh National Park in the province of North-Brabant in the Netherlands as a ‘green and healthy region’, potentially a healing landscape of international allure. And – linked to this – the further development of the care economy and of healthcare tourism around the world and in this region. Attention was paid to the way in which Vincent van Gogh viewed the healing effect of landscapes.