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Call for speakers for Green Destinations 2022

Green Destinations is glad to announce that the Call for Speakers for our annual event is now open. We would like to invite you to contribute to the Green Destinations 2022 Future of Tourism Summit in Athens and to join us in reuniting for a responsible future of tourism. 

We are convinced that we can help each other grow and discover ways to work together through collaboration. Let’s discuss challenges and propose possible solutions together and create an exciting programme that offers both learnings and builds capacity.

Interested speakers will have the opportunity to present during World Tourism Day (27 September) and Sustainable Tourism Stories (28 September).

Day 1: World Tourism Day at Green Destinations 2022

World Tourism Day should not only be dedicated to tourism but should be seen as an opportunity to develop ways into a responsible future for the tourism industry. In different groups, we would therefore like to discuss the impact of tourism activities and the contribution that tourism can and should make in the future. The program is meant to be open to concepts and ideas that deal with responsible tourism, but also challenges that arise for destinations or tourism businesses. For these discussions, we are looking for outstanding and inspiring presentations in line with our event theme: Reuniting for a responsible future of tourism.

Day 2: Sustainable Tourism Stories at Green Destinations 2022

Managing a destination or business responsibly is not an easy task and will result in many challenges. But any of these challenges faced and the ideas and ways to overcome them, are an opportunity for a Good Practice Story. For this day we are searching for destinations, businesses and tourism leaders willing to progress towards more responsible tourism practices, serving as a role model and inspiration for other destinations, tour operators and travellers. Share with us the innovative solutions your destination or business has implemented in response to these difficulties. We are thrilled to welcome presenters from all around the world, to tell their story, to share their experience and successes and to inspire the future’s tourism leadership. In order to cover different topics in the panels, the selected stories will be divided into categories according to the Top 100 competition.

Would you like to speak at Green Destinations 2022?


This 7th edition of our flagship event is a valuable opportunity to increase market exposure, establish leadership in sustainable development, network and generate leads.