Global Leaders Network Meetings

2021   2018


2 PM - 4 PM CEST (UTC+2)

Learning the Lessons on Sustainable Tourism Leadership

Our Guest Speakers

Key takeaways of the meeting

NTOs increasingly seek leadership and offer stewardship
and support to their destinations and businesses.
This is feasible for every NTO.
We are all ready to share our experiences.
This is not very difficult nor expensive.

The Global Leadership Roadmap
is built upon six pillars:

1. Destination Assessment and Reset:
START Toolkit

2. Training & capacity building

3. Learning from each other:
Top 100

4. Independent recognition:
GSTC-Accredited Certification

5. Sustainability promotion:
Good Travel Guide

6. Business sustainability:
Good Travel Seal

Information for the second Global Leaders Network Meeting in October 2021 will be available here soon.


Global Leaders Conference 2018

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    Logo-Top 100_2020

    GD’s President Albert Salman will open the conference and reflect on the future of tourism in times of Covid19 and the role of Green Destinations.

    Top 100 Ceremony

    At GGDD20 we celebrate the Sustainable Top 100 Destinations of 2020, recognising their efforts and steps towards sustainability helping to make tourism more profitable for all stakeholders by building awareness on the negative impacts and hidden costs of tourism development.

    Session date:

    October 6 – 14h00 – 14h45 GMT +2 (CEST)

    Organiser: Green Destinations

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    GGDD20 Theme 2 Certification to support destination recovery GGDD20

    Certification To Support Destination Recovery

    This session will discuss how destinations manage broad stakeholder cooperation, stick to their sustainable values in times of crisis and how we measure sustainability with the help of destination certification programs.

    Session date:

    6 October,  2020

    15h00 – 16h30 GMT+2 (CEST)

    Single session Duration: 90 minutes
    Organiser: Green Destinations
    Host: Ahmet Aras, Mayor of Bodrum, Turkey

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    Destination: Tivat, Montenegro

    Presentation: The Case of Tivat

    Danica Banjevic

    Destination: Australia

    Presenting: Rebuilding from a crisis

    Rod Hilman

    Destination: Niue


    Does size really matter? The journey of the world’s smallest independent nation toward sustainable tourism 

    Penny Spoelder

    GGDD20 Theme 6

    Session Description:

    It is time to rethink the way we want to go forward in dealing better with the social and environmental pressures that is why this session will include insights on topics such as quality of travel, local jobs and income, emissions and pollution, clean products and services in times of a pandemic. The crisis coming with COVID-19 highlights the fragility and the unsustainability of the sector: in this session, we show there is no way back but forward.

    Session date:

    7 October, 2020

    14h00 – 15h30 GMT+2 (CEST)

    Single Session Duration: 90 minutes
    Organiser: Green Destinations
    Host: Pekka Alhojarvi, Chairman and CEO, Finland

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    Destination: Philippines


    Rebuilding Tourism in a More Sustainable Way- Make Your Tourism Recovery Green

    Susan Santos de Cardenas

    Destination: Slovenia


    The pure power of nature

    Blanka Kovačič

    Destination: Japan


    Motivating Government of all sizes to become Green Destinations – Japan’s cases

    Masaru Takayama

    Destination: Trentino, Italy

    Presentation: Dolomiti Paganella Future Lab

    Luca D'Angelo

    Destination: Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan



    Joanne Chang

    Theme 1 Reducing our climate impact GGDD20

    Reducing our climate impact:

    Join the discussion on how to reduce climate impacts by marketing strategies aimed at domestic or regional tourism; reducing waste, creating space for hiking and biking; managing environmental crisis and a lot more.

    Session date:

    October 7, 2020

    16h00 – 17h30 GMT+2 (CEST)


    Single Session Duration: 90 minutes
    Organiser: Green Destinations
    Host: Gabriel Minas Amaya, Strategic Development of Tourism, Ecuador

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    Daghan Mehmet Yazici

    Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association.

    Presenting: Zero Waste Blue

    Dağhan Mehmet Yazıcı

    Destination: North Island, Seychelles


    Tackling Waste Management on North Island

    Ayyoub Salameh

    Destination: Saaremaa, Estonia


    A Case Study of Saaremaa

    Riine Rander

    Destination: Alberta Canada

    Presenting: Partnerships, Innovation and Green Economy Reducing Climate Impact: local action with a global impact

    Bev Thornton

    GGDD20 Theme 5

    Session Description:

    COVID-19 is not expected to disappear, so destinations will have to adapt to the new reality. Learn about the newest innovations, traditions and tourism products adapting to a new normal, hereunder cooperating with governmental restrictions balancing the local communities and visitors. The overarching question will dig into what to do when the tourism product, the destination or its natural attributes, is changed.

    Session date:

    8 October, 2020

    14h00 – 15h30 GMT+2 (CEST) 

    Session Duration: 90 minutes
    Organiser: Green Destinations
    Host: Katja Haase, Marketing Manager, Namibia

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    Destination: Miren Kras, Slovenia


    Tree for Cerje (Drevo za Cerje)

    Anja Sedevčič

    Destination: Slovenia

    Presentation: Saving Lake Bled

    Romana Purkart

    Destination: Caribbean-Pacific Islands-Remote Arctic Coasts

    Presenting: Utilizing Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria and Green Destinations Standards to Achieve Sustainable Development for Caribbean and Pacific Islands During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Magdalena A.K. Muir

     Destination: Futaleufú, Chilean Patagonia

    Presentation: The Experience of Natales And Futaleufu In Chilean Patagonia

    Felipe Vera Soto

    Destination: Rwanda and The Democratic
    Republic of Congo

    Greg Bakunzi


    Many destinations that have been suffering from disruptive over-tourism are hoping for visitors to return, but in controlled and much smaller numbers to reduce the risk of a second wave. Therefore, we offer one workshop that provides insights into what the first steps towards sustainability look like and how to tell stories that shape our future.

    Session date:

    October 8 2020 16h00 -16h45 GMT + 2 (CEST) 

    Organiser: Green Destinations

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    What’s Your Story?

    Workshop on  storytelling

    JoAnna Haugen

    Themes GGDD20

    Session Description:

    For the first time at GGDD, we will host a session including presentations and discussions in Portuguese. More languages presented at GGDD is the way forward and we are excited to welcome all of our Portuguese speaking presenters this year. This double session will include presentations on cultural heritage, community involvement, protection of natural sites and new innovative management strategies in times of the pandemic.

    Pela primeira vez nos GGDD, iremos acolher uma sessão que incluirá apresentações e discussões em Português. O futuro passa por ter mais idiomas presentes nos GGDD e estamos muito entusiasmados para acolher todos os oradores de Língua Portuguesa na edição deste ano. Esta sessão dupla irá incluir apresentações sobre património cultural, envolvimento das comunidades locais, proteção de espaços naturais e, ainda, estratégias de gestão inovadoras em tempos de pandemia.

    Session date:

    October 9, 2020 

    16h00 – 18h30 GMT + 2 (The Netherlands)

    15h00 – 17h30 GMT + 1 (Portugal)

    11h00 AM – 13h30 PM UTC-03  (Brazil) 

    Session Duration: 120 minutes
    Organiser: Green Destinations

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    THEME 1

    Destination: Rolante – Rio Grande do Sul

    Presenting: Rolante Cycling Tourism


    Diuly Cristina Mähler

    Azores DMO

    Destination: Azores, Portugal


    Reducing Climate Impact: local action with a global impact


    Andreia Melo Carreiro

    THEME 4

    Destination:Parnamirim, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

    Presenting: Centro Cultural Trampolim da Vitória 


    Giovani Rodrigues

    THEME 4

    Destination:São Miguel do Gostoso/ Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

    Presentation: The Community-Based Tourism course


    Janielle Linhares da Silva

    THEME 6

    Destination:Tibau do Sul, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

    Presenting: Ecological Sanctuary of Pipa


    Elizabeth Susana Bauchwitz

    A panel of experts

    This year’s event will bring together online selected destination leaders representing globally important tourism destinations. A unique opportunity to learn from specialists in the field, peer-to-peer learning, and to discover practical tools and solutions in sustainability issues.