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Theme 1: Reducing Our Climate Impact

Daghan Mehmet Yazici

Dağhan Mehmet Yazıcı

Environment and Waste Management Coordinator in TURMEPA – Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association.

Zero Waste Blue

Mr. Ayyoub Salameh

Ayyoub Salameh

General Manager at North Island

North Island, Seychelles

Tackling Waste Management on North Island

Riine Rander

Riine Rander

Marketing Manager of Visit Saaremaa

Saaremaa, Estonia

A Case Study of Saaremaa

Bev Thornton

Bev Thornton

Executive Director of Alberta South West Regional Economic Development Alliance
Alberta, Canada

Partnerships, Innovation and Green Economy Reducing Climate Impact: local action with a global impact

Diuly Christina Mähler

Diuly Cristina Mähler

Tourism Development Coordinator in the municipality of Rolante
Rolante, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Rolante Cycling Tourism

Portuguese Session

Andreia Carreiro

Andreia Melo Carreiro

Azorean Regional Director for Energy

Azores DMO
Azores, Portugal

Reducing Climate Impact: local action with a global impact

Portuguese Session

Theme 2: Certification To Support Destination Recovery

Danica Banjevic

Danica Banjevic

Director of the Tivat Tourism Organisation
Tivat, Montenegro

The Case of Tivat

Rod Hillman

Rod Hilman

Chief Executive of Ecotourism Australia


Rebuilding from a crisis

Tuncay Kuleli

Director of Bodrum Maritime Vocational School

A theoretical framework to measure the sustainability of coastal uses

Penny Spoelder

Penny Spoelder

Senior Associate at TRC Tourism

Does size really matter? The journey of the world’s smallest independent nation toward sustainable tourism

Theme 3: Reinforcing Pride And Respect For Cultural Heritage

Giovanni Rodrigues Junior

Giovani Rodrigues

Secretary for Planning, Finances, Tourism
and Economic Development in the Parnamirim

Parnamirim, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Centro Cultural Trampolim da Vitória

Portuguese Session

Janielle Linhares da Silva

Janielle Linhares da Silva

Secretary of Tourism and Communication of the Municipality of São Miguel do Gostoso

São Miguel do Gostoso/ Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

The Community-Based Tourism Course

Portuguese Session

Theme 4: Beyond tourism's dependency

Felipe Vera Soto

Felipe Vera Soto

Sustainable Tourism Management Specialist
Futaleufú, Chilean Patagonia

The Experience of Natales And Futaleufu In Chilean Patagonia

Magdalena Muir

Magdalena A.K.Muir

Researcher and Social Scientist at the Arctic Institute of North America and the Energy Management Program

Caribbean-Pacific Islands-Remote Arctic Coasts

Utilizing Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria and Green Destinations Standards to Achieve Sustainable Development During COVID-19 Pandemic


Ms Romana Purkart

Head of the Public Relations, Bled Tourist Board

Saving Lake Bled

Greg Bakunzi

Founder of Red Rocks Rwanda
Rwanda and The Dominican Republic of Congo

Rwanda – A Case Study

Anja Sedevčič

Anja Sedevčič

Consultant for The Tourist Board of Miren–Kostanjevica
Miren Kras, Slovenia

Tree for Cerje (Drevo za Cerje)

Theme 5: Redefining Tourism Success

Masaru Takayama

Masaru Takayama

Founder of the Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN)

Motivating Government of all sizes to become Green Destinations – Japan’s cases


Luca D'Angelo

Destination Manager at Dolomiti Paganella Tourism Board

Trentino, Italy

Dolomiti Paganella Future Lab

Blanka Kovačič

Blanka Kovačič

CEO at the Institute for Tourism and Sustainable Development of Solcavsko

The pure power of nature

Susan Santos de Cardenas 2020

Susan Santos de Cardenas

President of Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development Inc. (SST)
The Philippines

Rebuilding Tourism in a More Sustainable Way- Make Your Tourism Recovery Green

joanne chang

Joanne Chang


Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan


Elizabeth Susana Bauchwitz

Elizabeth Susana Bauchwitz

Secretary of Tourism of Tibau do Sul | Local agent of the Local Economic Development Project
Tibau do Sul, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Ecological Sanctuary of Pipa

Portuguese Session