Key role of destinations recognised by new ‘Best of Top 100 Awards’ at ITB Berlin 2018

The World’s Top 10 Sustainable Destinations have been unveiled in the Awards Hall of ITB Berlin, at the end of its Opening day, March 7. From 100 top-sustainable destinations, 32 finalists had first been selected by a Jury representing 12 international organisations.

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Best of Nature

Best Top 100 Destination showing global leadership in actively protecting its scenic views, natural habitats and wildlife, and showing respect for animals, a basis for its sustainable tourism development.

  1. Chobe, Makgadikgadi, Okavango and Selinda (Botswana)
  2. Bison Land (Romania)

Best of Cities, Communities & Culture

Best Top 100 Destination showing global leadership in protecting its local culture and tradition, social fabric and sense of place, in involving its local community in tourism, and in avoiding human exploitation, human rights violation, and disruptive mass tourism (over-tourism).

  1. QualityCoast Western Portugal
  2. Zuid-Limburg (Netherlands)
  3. Tung Dap village (Thailand)

Best of Seaside

Best Top 100 Destination showing global leadership in offering water related leisure opportunities in agreement with the principles of sustainable tourism.

  1. Dutch QualityCoast Delta
  2. Noja, Cantabria (Spain)
  3. Skyros Island (Greece)

Earth Award

The world is dying – What are we doing? Best Top 100 Destination showing global leadership in combatting climate change and environmental degradation.

  1. Kingdom of Bhutan
  2. Torroella de Montgrí-L’Estartit (Spain)
  3. Reykjanes (Iceland)

Best of the Planet

Destinations showing international leadership and innovation in responsible and sustainable tourism in different parts of the world.

Best of Africa

  1. Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda)
  2. Grootbos Private Nature Reserve (South Africa)

Best of the Americas

  1. Vail, Colorado (USA)
  2. Jackson Hole & Yellowstone (USA) | Santa Cruz, Galapagos (Ecuador)
  3. Lake Tota (Colombia)

Best of Asia-Pacific

  1. High Pamirs Mountain Region (Tajikistan)
  2. Bali Barat National Park (Indonesia)

Best of Europe

  1. Slovenia’s Green Destinations

Best of the Atlantic

  1. Autonomous Region of the Azores (Portugal)
  2. Clonakilty (Ireland)

Best of the Mediterranean

  1. Gozo (Malta)
  2. Mali Lošinj (Croatia)

For more information on the Finalists, check here and here

Top 100 Audience Prize at ITB

In addition to the Jury Awards, the ITB Audience Prize winners were three destinations with an equal number of votes:

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The above Award Finalists are selected because they are included in the 2017 Top 100 Sustainable Destinations. Inclusion in the Top 100 list is a requirement for becoming an Award finalist.

Gallery: The representatives of the 2018 Top 100 Award Finalists when they received their Top 100 certificates at Global Green Destinations Day 2017 in Cascais, Portugal

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Albert Salman, Green Destinations

Delphine Malleret-King, The Long Run

Herbert Hamele, ECOTRANS

Hugo de Jong, EUCC-QualityCoast

Jonathan Tourtellot, Destination Stewardship Center

Marloes van de Goor, IIAE

Masaru Takayama, Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN)

Naut Kusters, ECEAT

Paul Peeters, NHTV, Breda University of Applied Sciences

Peter Prokosch, Linking Tourism & Conservation

Robert Chappell, Sustainable Travel International (STI)

Valere Tjolle, TravelMoleVision


Become a finalist for the 2019 ‘Best of Top 100 Awards’

You can qualify as a Finalist for the 2019 ‘Best of Top 100 Awards’

>> through successful participation in the Green Destinations Awards & certification programme

>> through the open nomination procedure of the 2018 Sustainable Destinations Top 100