Previously known as the ITB Sustainable Destinations Awards, the Green Destinations Stories Awards is a ceremony to showcase the best Inspirational Stories of resilient tourism from the Top 100 Competition – sponsored by ITB and GLP Films.


We are happy to present the winners and finalists of the Sustainable Destinations Awards 2020.

Unfortunately, the 2020 Award ceremony at ITB Berlin was cancelled due to COVID-19 measures. The Award Ceremony was postponed to the Global Green Destination Days online conference, 6-8 October 2020.

These are the winners in 7 Award Categories, scroll down for all finalists and more info.


ITB Earth Award  |  QualityCoast Delta, Netherlands

Best of Communities &  Culture |  Douglas Shire, Australia

Best of Nature |  Azores, Portugal

Best of Africa  |  #Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy, Namibia

Best of Asia-Pacific   North-East Yilan Coast, Taiwan

Best of the Americas  |  Vail, Colorado (USA)

Best of Europe  | Slovenia


Final Call 2020 ITB Top100 Awards

The Award Winners and Finalists

  • Albert Salman – Green Destinations, the Netherlands, founder and President of the Jury.
  • Rika Jean-François – ITB Berlin, Germany
  • Masaru Takayama – Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN), Thailand
  • Lonneke De Kort –, the Netherlands
  • Jonathan B. Tourtellot – Destination Stewardship Center, USA
  • Rod Hillman – Ecotourism Australia, Australia
  • Glenn Jampol – Global Ecotourism Network (GEN), USA
  • Peter Prokosch – Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C), Norway
  • Hugo de Jong – QualityCoast Awards, the Netherlands
  • Susan Santos de Cárdenas – Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development
  • Paloma Zapata – Sustainable Travel International (STI), USA
  • Naut Kusters – Travelife for Tour Operators and Travel Agents, the Netherlands
  • Valere TjolleTotem Tourism, UK
  • Charlie Kao – TravelMole’s VISION on Sustainable Tourism, Paris
  • Rob Holmes – GLP Films, Founder & Chief Strategist.

Best of Africa

  1. ≠Khoadi//Hoas Conservancy, Namibia
  2. Félicité Island, Seychelles
  3. North Island, Seychelles

Best of the Americas

  1. Vail, Colorado
  2. Guyana
  3. Alberta SouthWest

Best of Asia-Pacific

  1. North-East and Yilan Coast
  2. Kamaishi
  3. Club Paradise Palawan

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