Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards Event hosted by ITB Berlin.

For the second year, the ‘Best of Top 100’ was unveiled at ITB Berlin.  This is a selection of the finest Top 100 destinations based on jury-reviewed sustainability success stories submitted by the Top 100 destinations.

This unique Award event is dedicated to recognise innovation and good practices in tourism management of destinations and tour operators leading the way towards quality, attractiveness and sustainability in tourism.

Date: March, 6th, 2019 from 16h00 to 17h15
Place: Messe Berlin – Palais am Funkturm Award Hall

See below press release, program and pictures of the event for more details.



The Award Finalists and Winners

Best of Nature

Best Top 100 Destination showing global leadership in actively protecting its scenic views, natural habitats and wildlife, and showing respect for animals, a basis for its sustainable tourism development.

  1. Dutch QualityCoast Delta
  2. Lake Tahoe (USA)
  3. Sani Isla (Ecuador)

Best of Cities

City showing global leadership in urban sustainability and avoiding disruptive mass tourism (overtourism).

  1. Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Best of Communities & Culture

Best Top 100 Destination showing global leadership in protecting its local culture and tradition, social fabric and sense of place, in involving its local community in tourism, and in avoiding human exploitation, human rights violation, and disruptive mass tourism (over-tourism).

  1. Gozo (Malta)
  2. Petra Archaeological Park (Jordan)
  3. Berguedà (Spain)

Best of Seaside

Best Top 100 Destination showing global leadership in offering water related leisure opportunities in agreement with the principles of sustainable tourism.

  1. Torroella de Montgrí L’Estartit
  2. Baiona (Spain)
  3. Lindesnesregionen (Norway)

Best of Ecotourism

Best Top 100 Destination showing global leadership in offering responsible ecotourism opportunities.

  1. Guyana
  2. Tmatboey (Cambodia)
  3. Sierra Gorda (Mexico)

ITB Earth Award

The world is dying – What are we doing? Best Top 100 Destination showing global leadership in combatting climate change and environmental degradation.

  1. Republic of Palau

Best of the Planet

Destinations showing international leadership and innovation in responsible and sustainable tourism in different parts of the world.

Best of Africa

  1. Chumbe Island (Tanzania)
  2. Felicité island (Seychelles)
  3. Kahuzi Biega National Park (Congo)

Best of the Americas

  1. Galapagos National Park (Ecuador)
  2. Thompson Okanagan (Canada)
  3. Puerto Natales (Chile)

Best of Asia-Pacific

  1. Bardia National Park (Nepal)
  2. The Red Centre (Australia)
  3. High Pamirs Mountain Region (Tajikistan)

Best of Europe

  1. Portugal
  2. Bled (Slovenia)
  3. Mali Losinj (Croatia)

For more information on the Finalists, follow their links or find them on

Find more pictures here

Northern Ireland: County Down - Finalist for Best of Europe

Italy: Cogne - Finalist for Best of Europe and Villasimius & Capo Carbonara M.P.A - Finalist for Best of Seaside

Norway: Lyngenfjord region - Finalist for Best of Europe and Lindesnesregionen - 3rd Best of Seaside

Jordan: Petra Archaeological Park - 2nd Best of Culture & Communities

Malta: Gozo - 1st Best of Culture & Communities

Philippines: Lio Tourism Estate - Finalist Best of Asia - Pacific

Seychelles: Félicité Island - 2nd Best of Africa

Tanzania: Chumble Island - 1st Best of Africa

  • Rika Jean-François – ITB Berlin, Germany
  • Masaru Takayama – Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN), Thailand
  • Lonneke De Kort –, the Netherlands
  • Jonathan B. Tourtellot – Destination Stewardship Center, USA
  • Rod Hillman – Ecotourism Australia, Australia
  • Glenn Jampol – Global Ecotourism Network (GEN), USA
  • Peter Prokosch – Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C), Norway
  • Hugo de Jong – QualityCoast Awards, the Netherlands
  • Paloma Zapata – Sustainable Travel International (STI), USA
  • Anne-Kathrin Zschiegner – The Long Run, United Kingdom
  • Naut Kusters – Travelife for Tour Operators and Travel Agents, the Netherlands
  • Valere Tjolle – TravelMole’s VISION on Sustainable Tourism, UK/Italy