Z Destinations Training Course, Incheon 2018

Sustainable Destinations Training Course

Tourism for Peace and Prosperity

Green Destinations and an international team of trainers in the field of destination sustainability invite destination managers and professionals, participants from the tourism business sector, and destination management experts to register for this course. Participation is limited.

Songdo Convensia, Incheon (Korea), 19-22 June 2018
Organised in connection to the 3rd International Water Safety Symposium

The training course takes place at less than 50 km from North Korea, while the world is witnessing an unprecedented process towards peace and prosperity for all Korean people.

Register Now! Registrations are accepted till 15 June via events@greendestinations.org 

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The Training course is highly interactive, not focusing on global theory but addressing the participants’ challenges and real needs as you face them in your own destinations. The course is especially aimed at professionals at advanced level, who want to progress in making destinations more sustainable, in destination certification and award programs, and in the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 competition. It is important that participants already have a good knowledge of sustainable tourism and some practical experience in one of the following fields:

  • Destination management. Participation will help you to become a Destination Sustainability Coordinator; this is an important asset for all regions, municipalities and protected areas, and a requirement for certification and award programs.
  • Consultant or Advisor. Participation will help you to become a Recognized Auditor – Advisor. In destination certification and award programs, qualified coaches, advisors and auditors are needed.


You will benefit most from the Course when you are already aware of the GSTC-D criteria or of the Green Destinations Standard, or when you participate as a follow-up to the GSTC STTP Course.

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The Course will include different types of working groups (partly running parallel):

      1. Destination Managers training sessions on sustainable destination standards and criteria for management, both for destination managers and representatives of the business sector.
      2. Training sessions for Destination Auditor-Advisors. These sessions are part of a wider Green Destinations training course that will mainly run online.
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Registrations via the  IWSS website are closed. Registrations are accepted until 15 June 2018 by sending an email to events@greendestinations.org

  • Fee is US $170 per person for the entire training programme
  • No accommodation is included
  • Payment can be done in cash upon commencing the training

The Training Course is organized in cooperation with: