Business Sector Sustainability Scan

Why use this tool?

You may want to know the extent to which your tourism-related businesses have adopted the ten most important practices in sustainable tourism. This can fully benefit the local tourism supply chain, as well as the destination’s image and visibility as a whole, since your businesses are the ones who welcome and receive your visitors.

How does it work?

Together with you we invite your businesses to do a survey covering the principles of the Good Travel Scan, the 10 most important sustainability KPIs of the Good Travel Standard for businesses.

What are the outcomes of it?

This tool produces a report for destinations and participating businesses with findings and conclusions, illustrated by infographics. Reports on individual businesses will only be shared with the businesses. It will give them a detailed insight into how they comply with the standards and also what certification level they could have when participating in the Good Travel Seal.

For whom is this tool developed?

This tool is developed especially for those destination management organizations and tourism governments which would like to foster their private businesses’ participation into self-assessment of their sustainable practices.


Interested DMOs and tourism practitioners are invited to contact our team by email through