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AXSIOS licensed to operate the Green Destinations Certification and Awards program

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Green Destinations has signed an exclusive licence agreement allowing AXSIOS to operate the Green Destinations Certification and Awards program in Greece, Serbia, Turkey and Israel. AXSIOS’ experts have successfully participated in the Auditor-Advisor training offered by Green Destinations. AXSIOS is now fully qualified to support tourist destinations in advancing towards a higher quality and a better sustainability.

AXSIOS is a new company, based in UK, creating and offering New Paths for Sustainable Tourism via Pathos, Ethos and Emotion, changing the Curve. AXSIOS story starts from the definition of sustainability in Human History, the path from Metro Ariston towards the future of tourism in a global level. They support a sustainable way of leaving, against climate change!

Their mission is to develop and deliver in more than 12 countries in South East Europe an integrated portfolio of vertical and horizontal services on Sustainable Tourism. They will guide the tourism market in a more innovative, more efficient and more sustainable path.

AXSIOS offers a variety of advising and consulting services, for large to small medium enterprises, focusing on sustainable tourism integration. Also, AXSIOS is creating, developing and supporting an extensive portfolio of innovative technologies for sustainable tourism, via B2B, B2C to B2P. Finally, AXSIOS represents and supports an extensive number of certification schemes, from Infrastructures to Destinations, via consulting, auditing and compliance.