Since March 2020, the six member organisations, together with GSTC as a founding advisor, have been joined by over 500 signatories to the 13 Guiding Principles. There is a global recognition within the tourism industry that change is needed.

Prioritising growing tourism numbers over local people and places is visibly impacting destinations, ecosystems and communities. The COVID-19 pandemic, a trying time for global tourism, provided time for us all to reflect on the importance of prioritising destination needs and sustainable recovery moving forward. The Future of Tourism Coalition and community aim to actively collaborate and support destinations in this movement.

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Green Destinations is proud to be one of the six founding organisations of the Coalition, recognising the alignment of the Guiding Principles and Coalition vision with our own work with destinations. As the Coalition identifies goals and strategies, Green Destinations aims to play an active role, both in collaboration with members and signatories, as well as in contributing to tools and solutions.

Our role, as with the Coalition, will evolve over time. We aim to continually engage the destinations we work with, and our growing Green Destinations community, to join the movement, engage in the conversation, harness the tools developed over time, and to prioritise a sustainable future for tourism. Our collective impact is greater than the sum of our individual work. Together we can achieve more.


The Future of Tourism Coalition and Tourism Declares an Emergency have come together to develop a “blueprint” for climate action in destinations.

The blueprint created by both organisations will combine the frameworks, tools, best practice and resources required for destinations to deliver action plans that align tourism with the need to reduce global emissions by at least half by 2030 and keep global warming within 1.5°C.

Supporters and members of both the Future of Tourism and Tourism Declares initiatives will help co-create the destination blueprint, and a smaller group of “Destination Climate Leaders” will be identified to lead the process.

How to declares a climate emergency:

How to declares a climate emergency:

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FOTC Climate Emergency Declaration:

FOTC Climate Emergency Declaration:

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GD Climate Emergency Declaration:

GD Climate Emergency Declaration:

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