The Green Destinations Community was first launched at ITB Berlin 2015. 

Since then we have had successful meetings and presentations at ITB Berlin and at our yearly meetup, the Global Green Destinations Days.


We are constantly on the looking of growing our community. If you are interested in joining, here are a few options depending on your case:

As an ACP

We invite destinations around the world to join our Awards and Certification program (ACP), which allows to assess sustainability performance and apply for global recognition in case sufficient levels of sustainability are achieved.

As a TOP 100

The Top 100 Destination Sustainability Stories competition is organised every year by Green Destinations and partners with the aim to showcase sustainability good practices of emerging and established destinations.


The Global Leader Members are committed to being at the forefront of innovation in developing tourism, managing tourism impacts, enhancing the benefits, quality, and sustainability of their tourism offer.



“Sustainability has always been the key for destinations and that fact is now under a magnifying glass. Joining Green Destinations has many benefits for Tivat. Above all, our active membership provides us with opportunities to learn in detail how to act and develop tourism to the right direction, how to be a better place for the local community and our guests alike.”

Danica Banjevic

Director of Tourism Organisation of Tivat
2020 Top 100 Destinations

Ahmet Aras

“Thanks to Green Destinations we have the opportunity to see the best practices of sustainable coastal tourism which allows us to learn and improve our goals on Bodrum. In this process, where we have the chance to reevaluate Bodrum’s rich cultural and natural assets with the goal of sustainable tourism in mind.”                                                                                                                

Ahmet Aras

Mayor of Bodrum
Global Leaders Program


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