Green Destinations is a non-profit organisation
for sustainable tourism, leading:

  • A global Partnership of expert organisations, companies and academic institutions
  • The Green Destinations Community of destination representatives and stakeholders

Green Values

Green Destinations’ core values are:

  • Genuine and authentic: supporting the celebration of local culture and tradition;
  • Responsible: defending people against exploitation and human rights violation, and enhancing accessibility for people with disabilities;
  • Economically sustainable: involving the local business community and enhancing local community employment during and beyond the holiday season;
  • Environmentally sustainable: ensuring public health, safety and sound environmental management;
  • Nature & scenery: protecting scenic views, habitats and wildlife, and respecting animals that are used in tourism.

Green Destinations Community

These GREEN values are also promoted by the members of our Green Destinations Community, dedicated sustainability leaders representing the network of participating destinations, regions and countries.

Why Green Values

Adopting the GREEN values will help destinations to attract ‘green travellers’, who are attracted by the core values of the destination and are expected to show more respect to these values.


Green Destinations works together with tourism business and media partners in order to make the green offer of destinations better visible in the marketplace.

Destination Assessments, Awards and Certification

Green Destinations developed a complete, affordable and easy-to-use Assessment & Certification programme that fits the needs of both small and larger destinations. It is operated through an online Assessment & Reporting platform based upon the GSTC-Recognised Green Destinations Standard and the GD Database with data from 2000 destinations. The platform helps destinations to improve sustainability management and performance, best price guaranteed. For more information, visit Awards & Certification. Destinations that subscribe to the GD Assessment & Reporting platform become member of the Green Destinations Community.

Green Destinations Community

Destinations, regions and countries are connected to the world’s largest sustainable destinations community through their Green Destinations Ambassadors. The community also includes Ambassadors from QualityCoast, QualityTourism, and Slovenia Green destinations. Green Destinations Ambassadors share knowledge and experiences with colleagues from around the world. Together with Experts and solution providers, GD Ambassadors help their destination to improve by promoting Sustainability solutions.

Green Destinations Days and Top 100

The Green Destinations Community was first launched at ITB Berlin 2015, and had successful meetings and presentations at ITB 2016, and at Global Green Destinations Day in Ljubljana (Slovenia), the largest global sustainable destinations meeting ever held, convening 350 people from 36 countries. GGDD’16 presentations and picture gallery can be viewed here.

Members of the Community are encouraged to nominate their destination for the Sustainable Destinations Top 100 competition, that was first organised in 2014, and repeated in 2016 and 2017. The aim of the competition is to highlight success stories in destination management, and to exchange good practices between destinations, for example at Green Destinations Days.

Members of the Green Destinations Community are encouraged to organise their own local, regional or national Green Destinations Day.

Members of the Green Destinations Community are encouraged to organise their own local, regional or national Green Destinations Day.