Green Destinations Ambassadors

Green Destinations Ambassadors are people who are committed to the well-being of their own destination and to the development of responsible tourism. Ambassadors are encouraged to share experience with colleagues from around the world. This may be useful for GD Ambassadors when considering new approaches and implementing ‘green solutions’ from elsewhere.

Green Destinations Ambassadors play an essential role in making an online Viami travel map, showing travelers all over the world what the destinations offer in the field of authentic natural and cultural experiences.

Become an Ambassador! What are the benefits?

Ambassadors share knowledge with other ambassadors in workshops, for which accommodation could be provided by ambassadors from the hotel sector. Launch your idea in the “Green Destinations Ambassadors” groups on Facebook and LinkedIn!

Get fresh ideas from many other people who are also committed to the well-being of their destination: join the Ambassadors groups on the social media!

Active ambassadors can greatly benefit from combined publicity around Green Destinations Days, where new Ambassadors can be inaugurated, and present their success stories.

What is the Ambassador’s commitment?

In a GD Ambassadors Community, you do not pay a fee, but you make one of the following commitments
  • Taking initiatives in your destination to adopt the Green Destinations Standard in 2018
  • Helping to host or organise an Ambassadors meeting or Green Destinations Day, or to contribute with a presentation of good practices from your destination
  • Helping to select the typical natural and cultural offer in your destination, for the Viami Travel map

Green Destinations Stories

During Green Destinations Day, we asked some Top 100 destination ambassadors to tell us a short story about their destination.
These stories were then made into videos, which illustrate the uniqueness of every destination.

This is “The Gentle Helpers Story” by Petra Stušek of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Who can be an Ambassador?

One destination can be represented by several Ambassadors. The Ambassador Community includes people of different professional backgrounds:

  • Political leaders, elected members of the local or regional council
  • Destination managers responsible for sustainability, or marketing
  • Business leaders, like hotel managers and owners
  • Civil society and opinion leaders

Management of the Community

Ambassadors are members of the Green Destinations Community.

The activities of the Community are coordinated by a Green Destinations Committee, consisting of:

  • Elizaveta Ragozina, member of the Green Destinations Team;
  • Carlos Bernardes, Mayor of Torres Vedras, Portugal, president of the European Ambassadors community;
  • The programme leaders of Green Destinations, QualityCoast and Slovenia Green, representing all committed green destinations.

How to join?

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