Sustainable Destinations Training Course

1st Announcement and Call for Registration

Green Destinations and an international team of trainers in the field of destination sustainability invite destination managers and professionals, participants from the tourism business sector, and destination management experts to register for this course. Participation is limited.

Songdo Convensia, Incheon (Korea), 19-22 June 2018
Organised in connection to the 3rd International Water Safety Symposium

Objectives of the Course: Why participate?

The Training course prepares participants for the following functions:

  • Trained Destination Sustainability Coordinator. In GSTC-Accredited certification programs destination management bodies should have a trained Destination Sustainability Coordinator in their team.
  • Green Destinations Recognised Auditors and Advisor. In the GSTC-Accredited Green Destinations Certification and in the Awards program, qualified Coaches, Advisors and Auditors are required.

Elements of the Training Course

The Course will consist of five half-day training sessions and two different types of working groups that will run in parallel:

  • Destination Managers training sessions on Sustainable Destination Standards, Destination Management and Marketing, both for destination managers and representatives of the business sector in tourism destinations.
  • Training sessions for Destination Auditor-Advisors. These sessions are part of a wider Green Destinations training course that will mainly run online.

The Training Course is organized in cooperation with: