2018 Sustainable Destinations Top 100

Call for nominations

For the 4th time, the Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 competition is organised by ten leading sustainable tourism organisations and networks. Our general aim is to highlight success stories, and to exchange good practices to make all destinations more sustainable, and better for local communities and travellers. A second aim is to help destinations to improve: destinations that register for the Top 100 will learn how to develop their tourism through local community involvement. It is in the destination’s interest to avoid ‘overtourism’ and local resistance. This is why we have chosen the following theme for this year’s competition:

“Tourism to benefit local communities”


2018 top 100 competiotion LOGO


By publishing an annual list and by sharing destination management good practices and success stories, the initiators wish to acknowledge initiatives making tourism destinations more sustainable, responsible and better from a visitor experience point of view. Selection of a destination in the Top 100 does not mean it is fully sustainable. It means that it has made good efforts, and is making progress.



15 Apr 2018   Final day for ‘early bird’ nominations
01 Jul 2018    Notification of the first selected destinations
27 Sep 2018   Presentation of selected Award winners at Global Green Destinations Day

15 Oct 2018   Final day for late nominations
15 Dec 2018   Publication of the 2018 Sustainable Destinations Top 100
06 Mar 2019   Best of Top 100 Awards at ITB Berlin 2019

The Best of Top 100 Awards Event at ITB Berlin 2018 is announced here.

The 2017 Top 100 Winners can be seen in: http://top100.greendestinations.org .


Who can participate?

Cities, towns, islands, and protected areas are eligible if a person, a team or an organisation is in charge of tourism destination management and sustainability. In exceptional cases, countries and regions may be eligible when their size is less than 50,000 sq km.

As a 1st-year applicant, registration is entirely free and open to all destinations. You will need to address at least 15 criteria from the Green Destinations Standard in our online assessment platform (offline forms are available only for destinations without broadband internet connection).

From the 2nd year onwards, it is highly recommended to actively participate in a destination support programme or training, and in events aimed at good practice exchange (e.g. Global Green Destinations Day). But at least you will need to show that you are making clear progress from year to year.

Warning for European applicants

In order to ensure a truly Global Top 100, a maximum amount of selected destinations will be set for each continent. The Jury aims to decrease the % of European Top 100 destinations from 51% (in 2017) towards 40-45%. Hence, the Jury may be very restrictive in selecting “free” nominations from Europe because there are already many 1st priority destinations in Europe (successfully making the full Green Destinations assessment). The Jury expect destinations to do a full assessment if they have the capacity to do so (notably in EU, but also in Canada and US), whilst allowing destinations to focus on just 15-30 criteria as long as they don’t have the capacity to do more.

How to nominate a destination?

The nomination process involves 2 main steps: Registration and Nomination.

  • Registration: send this registration form to top100 [at] greendestinations.org. After a basic eligibility check, you will receive details to proceed with the nomination on our online platform
  • Nomination:
    • Complete the online Indicator Report
    • Complete the online Top 100 nomination form (selected criteria from the Green Destinations Standard)
      • First year contenders will need to address 15 criteria
      • If it’s your 2nd Top 100 application, you will need to address 30 criteria.

In case you are interested to nominate a destination but not sure about eligibility,  e-mail to: top100 (at) greendestinations.org.

Nominations can be made in English, Spanish and Dutch. Additional language options are being considered.

Benefits of participation

In this fourth edition of the competition, all nominators will receive technical support and strategic guidance on the online Green Destinations platform: for some of the criteria that are used in the competition you will receive suggestions how quick progress can be made towards sustainability.

If you are selected, you can use the Top 100 logo in all your marketing (referring to the 2018 Top 100 webpages), and take advantage of a focused exchange of experience with other destination front-runners.

The Sustainable Top 100 founders

Albert Salman, Leiden (the Netherlands). President, Green Destinations

Valere Tjolle, Bath (UK), Romagna (Italy). TravelMole’s VISION on Sustainable Tourism

Some pictures from 2017 competition

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Join the Award & Certification programme now

More than before, the selection is based upon Green Destinations Ratings. Therefore, Certified Green Destinations, QualityTourism and QualityCoast Silver and Gold Destinations will automatically be included in the 2018 Top 100. Join the Certification & Awards programme now!

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